Fish & Bee Testimonials


The Tao Te Ching says that a great leader is hardly known to their subjects.  "The subjects go about their work and believe that their projects are accomplished entirely through their own efforts." (chapter 17)  Beth Bogle leads design in this way. My daughter sat down with Beth and drew flowers with her tiny three year old hand.  Then they picked out materials and colors and Beth sewed an amazing skirt.  That was two years ago and my daughter still runs up to people and tells them, "I made this skirt!"  It's freakin' beautiful.

Timothy Frantzich - Father of 4, Musician, Teacher


Beth provides an environment and creative energy which not only bring excitement to my children but also a level of wonder and intrigue to me.  She’s inspired me to find a vision where I didn’t think one existed.  Her unique, heartfelt style is a gift as she connects with each individual on his or her own level.

Wendy Brown - Minneapolis, Minnesota, Mother of 3


I’m an absolute junkie for Beth’s goodies and am continually amazed by what she creates.  My daughter loves her “Beth clothes” and there’s no doubt she truly enjoys wearing them both for the comfort and the fun details that make her products unbelievably unique.  Love love love.

Therese Gibbons Peck - Minneapolis, Minnesota, Owner of Alora Ambiance and mother of Marie and Oscar