Beth Bogle  -  Photo by  Mark Puariea Photography

Beth Bogle  -  Photo by Mark Puariea Photography

I founded Fish & Bee as eeCee bb in 2007 after finishing a Master's degree in Design + Apparel at the University of Minnesota.  In graduate school, I set the foundation for a company that gives children the opening to be creators of their culture through Collaborative Design.  I moved to Linden Hills, to the magical white space behind Turtle Bread Bakery, halfway between Lake Harriet and Edina.  The first thing I made amid box towers was a stripped cashmere hat for a birthday gift for a young friend named Max.  This was the first Love Lid.

Thousands of strokes, words, stitches, and uncounted, always cashmere Love Lids later, eeCee bb became Fish & Bee in 2012.  Fish & Bee is a truly creative company offering imaginative, modern clothing and home designs for children, women and families, as well as an inspiring hands-on studio program for collaborative art and design experiences.  

At Fish & Bee we recognize art, beauty, creative expression, and tactile experiences as natural, universal needs.  We can see the spark in everyone, and through our guided, collaborative process we make real together fine art pieces that will uncover your vibrant nature and open your life for the best.  You will be amazed at what you can create and discover about yourself with Fish & Bee!  

What are you waiting for?  Don't wait to create!

Fish & Bee represents the alchemy of our under waters meeting the sky.  Our imaginations finding their expression in the world.  It's one of earth's oldest creatures pairing with one that supports all life and regeneration.  A bonding of uncommon friends, and a reunion of orphaned parts of ourselves.  (It's also very cute.)

I read somewhere years ago that what we do as children needs to resemble that which we do in some form as adults.  As a kid in Minnetonka, I played in nature, and costume, and created as compulsively as I still do.  When I was 5, I got an easel from Santa and spontaneously opened the red paint in the living room.  We lived for years with a square patch in the center of the wool rug where the Christmas paint had landed.  I have thought often of that patch as a small door to an infinite range of expression.  A reminder that passion will press forward our destinies and we can learn to embrace and prosper with this beautiful, mysterious force.

Fish & Bee Studio brings together my love for creative impulse, color and texture, limitless ideas, generosity,  the slowness of teasing beauty and form from inner seas, friendship, curiosity, nature, fashion, language and writing, home decor, children, animals, teaching, sailing, play, adventure and collaboration!

I do hope you'll join us in spying your own small door to your limitless potential, and enter!  

Partake of our designs and programs for you and your kids and friends!

With Fish & Bee some very good things can happen quickly.

Thank you!