Summer Kids' Art! : Starting Tuesday June 11!
Kids' Summer Art + Design sessions, arrangeable to your scheduling needs! 2-3 Day Mini-camps & Hourly Weekly Series & One-Off Private and Semi-private options available! Jump in with us for truly creative, personal attention and depth-driven, project-based learning and connecting. We're growing confidence, discernment, focus, play, collaboration, AND art skills and friendships in our enchanting space! Thank you to all the incredible families and kids empowering our little movement all year through! Reach out to book your perfect times for your artists! 

FaB Art Mini-camps : 
2 + 3 Day Options run Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays throughout summer. YOU choose your dates & days & times!

Morning Mini-Camp:  9:30 to noon
Afternoon Mini-Camp: 1 to 3:30

Cost:  Includes materials + treats + custom preparation and finishing time on projects.
2 Day Mini-camp:  $200 for one artist / $160 for 2+ artists
3 Day Mini-camp:  $250 for one artist / $210 for 2+ artists
We will create 1 primary, and 1 or more smaller projects during our time together. 

Some project possibilities include:

Art Pillows 20" x 20"
Heart Art Pillows 18"
Large Painted Books
Art Wall Mirrors
Pendant Lamps
Cashmere Creatures
Summer Skirts
Collaborative Art Tees
Animal Soft Sculptures 
Nature Study Paintings on Wood Panels
Handmade Books with Stories + Illustration
Large Heart Paintings on cotton rag paper
Imagination Vehicles on Wheels
Magnetic Theatres
Doll Designers Fashions
Large Painted Storage Containers
Art Poufs- Real Furniture!  ($280 per artist for 3 day mini-camp- cost of materials and labor)

Merilumi Women's Art Soirées! : 
Choose a summer evening to gather with friends (mothers, daughters, nieces too!) to create together in the inspiring and relaxing Fish & Bee studio! Perfect for 1-8 artists. When we create together, we learn new things about one another, and the joy sparks forward into our everyday lives and connections. Art and creating are natural human needs. Be our guests as we provide guidance and a beautiful path to your nature! Cost including materials and finishing time on projects, is $80 per artist for 1 or 2 artists, and $65 per artist for 3+ artists.


Family Collaborative Painting
A Core Fish & Bee program serving families and groups of any size to create unique, personal art pieces to unite and represent you and your family as true creators. Will delight and inspire for generations to come! Contact Beth for more information about this special opportunity and to schedule your sessions.

Birch Heart Painting 
Create stunning original art with your family, friends, or in your couple, to beautify and personally love up your world! Fish & Bee's unique 17" x 18" Birch Heart Painting brings you and your loved ones a daily reminder: Love is a verb, and you're the creators! Contact Beth to arrange your personal session!
What we love:
- Birch Heart Hand-hewn by Fish & Bee
- No Framing required
- Collaborative experience/ bonding/ memories
- Boosts Creativity forward
- Gorgeous & Personal!
- Hand-hewn Birch Heart, materials + hardware
- ART session for your family or group
- Completion of collaborative painting by Fish & Bee

Merilumi Women's Art Soirées! Choose your evening to create...Merilumi means Sea + Light - the alchemical place where our imaginations meet real possibility! Gather with friends (or make it a solo celebration!) at the enchanting Fish & Bee for a relaxing and inspiring evening painting, creating, and sharing in the light! We'll be learning and practicing basic art observation from nature and creating 1-3 truly beautiful art pieces during our time together. Merilumi provides an illuminating, colorful place to "be you" together! You will be amazed at what you can create! Perfect for small groups of 1-8! $80 per artist for 1-2 artists, and $65 per artist for 3+ artists, includes materials, studio experience, and finishing time on projects. Also makes a gorgeous, restorative gift! Contact Beth to book your Merilumi Wonder now!

Kids’ After School Private + Tiny Group Art Sessions Series - Open to kids aged 3 to teen! Join us for super creative and extraordinary art making experience arranged to your personal timing needs! We create a wide range of projects in multiple media, from painting and drawing, to textile. Art pillows, Painted Books, Cashmere Creatures, POUFS, and kids’ fashions are only a few of our incredible options for collaborative art and design! $250 plus $30 materials per artist, for either four 1.5 hour sessions in a renewable series, or five 1 hour sessions in a renewable series. Fish & Bee empowers kids with art and connection, and lots of personal attention. Join in!

Thank YOU!
Please share our Program with your friends <3  
I'm so excited to create with all of you this season!
See you soon at Fish & Bee


(All Fish & Bee Projects and Programs are arrangeable to your timing and scheduling needs.)

Fish &amp; Bee Artists Paige + Kate with their Painted Containers :)

Fish & Bee Artists Paige + Kate with their Painted Containers :)

Birch Heart Painting by Fish &amp; Bee artist Eloise, 4

Birch Heart Painting by Fish & Bee artist Eloise, 4

Narwal Soft Sculpture by Fish &amp; Bee artist, Rowan, 8

Narwal Soft Sculpture by Fish & Bee artist, Rowan, 8

Heart Pillow Painting by Fish &amp; Bee artist Elliott, 4 1/2

Heart Pillow Painting by Fish & Bee artist Elliott, 4 1/2

Birch Heart Painting by Fish &amp; Bee artists Shana and Lucy

Birch Heart Painting by Fish & Bee artists Shana and Lucy

Merilumi Women’s Art Soirée

Merilumi Women’s Art Soirée